The Central Research Institute of Gastroenterology has been a leading research institution in the field of gastroenterology for 40 years, since its formation in 1973. All this time, CRIG has provided highly qualified medical care to patients with various gastroenterological diseases.

Today, on the basis of the Central Research Institute of Gastroenterology, the Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after A. S. Loginov has been created - a multidisciplinary, research medical institution. Also, the structure of MCSC includes: Research Institute of High-Tech Medicine and Research Institute of Internal Diseases. 

The main value of the MCSC n.a. A. S. Loginov are people. We open clinics, which are headed by the most authoritative and professional specialists in their fields. Many of them are international experts. Our specialists are often invited to be speakers at conferences, lectures, perform surgery in clinics in the CIS countries, Europe and the United States. These professionals include professors: Parfenov A. I., Bakulin I. G., Lukin G. V., Bystrovskaya E.V., Bordin D. S., Shcherbakov P. L., Pivnik A. V., Mkrtumyan A. M., Shishin K. V., and others.

We believe that the basis for the development of the center is a combination of traditional approaches to treatment with the introduction of the most modern innovative technologies. We are glad that our medical institution is actively developing: new departments are opened, operating rooms (including robotic surgery), laboratories and diagnostic services are equipped with the most modern equipment. At the same time, we pay great attention to the training and improvement of our doctors. Many of the center's employees have been trained in leading clinics in Europe and the United States and are currently working in a close collaboration with them. In turn, specialists from different cities of Russia and the CIS are trained on the basis of our center.

All of the factors above provide timely and highly qualified care to patients in our center.